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I think that when the time came to really put up this blog I hesitated. I know that I will lose friendships over this and I had to stop and consider if I was really ready to “come out”. However, the apocalypse, and just everything that’s happening in 2020 is making me realize a few things. Mental health activism is what I’m meant to do in my life. I have no desire to go back to “normal”; I want this to be my life’s focus. There’s just not enough people doing this work.

Any friends that I lose because I’ve finally stepped into my purpose and living the life that I want, were only friends with the person that I made up to satisfy their needs. That’s nobody’s fault. I made up a person for them because I was conditioned to do so. They didn’t know I was somebody else. Shit happens. People change and grow in life anyways.

This blog also isn’t meant to be any sort of call out nonsense. Any time I use an example from real life I’m going to try to change the details as much as possible so that person doesn’t recognize themselves. If it’s something that is so genuinely hurtful it requires a conversation—I’m not posting about it, so don’t feel like I’m trash talking. This blog is educational but real life examples are helpful in understanding complex concepts and their applications. If something brings up feelings for you maybe that’s a conversation you need to have with yourself; I’m not angry about anything I post in here. Just throwing it out there in case I do share this with friends.

I’m not an expert or therapist or anything like that. I’m just someone that’s had a lot of experience, learned from other people’s experiences, and read a lot on these issues. I’m still learning too. I may say something wrong or that people take the wrong way (a lot of that is being divergent in and of itself). I am always open to changing my mind with new information or phrasing things in a way that is better if I say things that hurt people unintentionally but it is time that I finally embrace myself for who I am and accept whatever comes along with that.


Let’s just do this already.

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